Omega Seamaster Diver 300m ETNZ-Swiss AP Watch

The fake Omega Seamaster replica watches series is very extensive. Including the rugged Planet Ocean 600m, the most advanced Ploprof 1200m or the retro-style 300 Master Chronometer.

These three are high-end propositions, but the range also includes a more affordable and professional-oriented tool table Seamaster Diver 300m.

This legendary story has existed for many years is now a new special edition celebrating the partnership between Omega, America’s Cup, and ETNZ. It has to say that this Omega Seamaster replica Diver 300m ETNZ may be one of the sea horse series 300m watches.

This new fake Omega Seamaster Diver 300m ETNZ special edition can call Yachting/Regatta watch due to its specific timing function.

Let us explain what this replica Omega Seamaster is. In yacht racing, the navigator must be consistent on the starting line like every race.

However, the ship is not static, and the starting line must cross at a specific time. To help the navigator, the organization team of such competitions counted 5 minutes. Before the start of the game to help the ships align on the starting line.

Aware of this countdown, some brands decided to make Regatta watches. Two types can found:

Just like the omega Seamaster planet ocean replica 300m Louis Vuitton Cup before the minute. A simple chronograph with a 5-minute scale inverted on the minute counter.

A complicated case with a complex countdown function, such as Rolex YachtMaster II or Panerai Luminor Regatta.

This new special edition of the replica omega Seamaster planet ocean Diver 300m chronograph chooses a simple solution. But the answer is not meaningless and easy to use.

It is not the first time for brands because they already use the same underlying table for the Louis Vuitton Cup Edition.

They also used regatta monitors on the rare and old Omega Seamaster 300 replica yacht 176.010.

As mentioned earlier, the 5-minute countdown solution here is simple. Omega uses the countdown minute scale for the countdown and uses the classic chronograph movement without any mechanical changes.

The shape of the Omega Seamaster 007 replica well known. Because it uses the typical Omega Seamaster professional replica 300m shape. Which means a large and robust notched bezel and a 44mm case with harp ears, which is Omega’s favorite.

However, the materials used will be very different if Omega Seamaster 300 spectre replica fans share the appearance of this watch.

First, the watch case made of brushed grade 2 titanium alloy. Then, there is a black ceramic insert on the bezel with embossed numbers and scales. In addition to the digital polishing of the upper part, its surface is matte for better contrast.

Like the case, the dial also made of matte sandblasted titanium and has a beautiful light gray color.

The vast index finger and pointer contrast with the white paint and some shiny tips.

The dial has three classic small dials, which means 9 o’clock in the little second hand, 6 o’clock is the hour counter and 3 o’clock in the regatta/minute counter. There is also a date in the window, at 6 o’clock.

The all-gray/white dial filled with several reds. The same is true of the pusher because the button to start the chronograph has a red aluminum insert. And the switch to stop the chronograph has a black ceramic insert.

Therefore, all elements associated with the chronograph function will inspire by this red color.

The omega Seamaster planet ocean 600m Skyfall limited edition replica 300m ETNZ special edition comes with a rubber strap with a folding clasp.

The Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch has two very different faces, because the outside is black and ribbed, while the inside is red with a sail-like pattern, which can promote water circulation under the strap.